About me

My name is Eric, I'm a frontend developer from Montreal. If you met you at the corner of the street and you ask me to describe myself, I would say something like that:

  • That I like coding semantic HTML, CSS, JavaScript and learning new web related stuff. Yes, I'm a geek 🤓
  • That I like to skate once in a while 🛹
  • That I have two beautiful daughters ❤️
  • I'm doing calisthenics training mostly every morning 💪
  • My cat is called Merlin. Yes, like the wizard 🧙‍♂️

Professional bio

I said that I am a frontend developer but concretely, I'm working on both-ends. I like the way Chris Coyier describes our job in When frontend means full stack article.

The line between front and back has become more and more blurry in the last decade.

I can work on a new landing page with new custom CSS animations a day. The day after that building a PHP connector to push leads to a CRM. And later adding a new feature to the React based backend editor for the content team. 😅

🚧 work in progress...